by Camilla Reyman
Curated by Rosemary Lee & Miriam Wistreich

OPENING: 7th April 17-20 pm
Exhibition Period: 8th-27th April 2017
Opening Hours: Wednesday-Thursday 15-18, Saturday 14-17



One morning in 1999 I woke up as something other than myself. I woke up as an object. What ’I’ (there was really no ’I’) was experiencing was not a state of mind, but a state of matter: there was no mind, no subject, no time and no space; there was no ground, no above, no horizon. All there was, was a greyish mist surrounding everything. There was no perception of time, this moment had been going for an eternity and would keep going for an eternity, but in our human real-time it probably just lasted a split second.

An Intimate Connection takes its departure from this 1999 moment, where Camilla Reyman entered an altered state of being, the being of an object; that of a car.

Entering Into Relation With an Object is an ongoing exploration evolving from a shared curiosity toward objects: their proliferation, status and possible lives. Through a series of performative events and exhibitions centered on the perceptual worlds of non-human beings, objects and machines, the project aims to find a sustainable critical stance towards the objects that surround us.

Entering Into Relation With an Object: An Intimate Connection is the first iteration of the series in exhibition form and presents a solo show by Camilla Reyman and a participatory reading of excerpts from Jane Bennet’s Vibrant Matter hosted by Rosemary Lee and Miriam Wistreich. The exploration connects to Camilla Reyman’s exploration of matter in the exhibition PAN at Galleri Jacob Bjørn in Aarhus.

The exhibition is kindly supported by Statens Kunstfond