Connecting Pieces
by Susanne Richter & Claudia Linder

Hilda Ekerot
Silas Emmery
Jeanette Hillig
Claudia Charlotte Linder
Stefan Lux
Susanne Richter
Saskia Te Nicklin

Performance by Female Obsession

Opening on the 7th of August at 5PM till 9PM
The exhibition runs from 8th till 16th of August
Opening hours: Thursday & Friday: 15-18,
Saturday & Sunday: 14-17

“Overall, a space is a place with which one does something,” writes de Certeau, defining space not only as the world around us, but also as what is between us, as a place for interaction. With the exhibition Connecting Pieces we embrace de Certeau’s idea of space by applying elements of the viennese exhibition space to the local situation at c4Projects in Copenhagen. These elements will oscillate between being artworks themselves as well as presentation displays for a group exhibition including Works by five Artists from Copenhagen and Vienna. Following the Idea of c4Projects as an experimental exhibition space that approaches art, curation, and communication from a position of curiosity, Connecting Pieces offers not only an encounter between recipients and works of art, but also functions as a collaboration platform for the participating artists – a performative process which goes beyond showing of things that we call art. The Exhibition will open with the Performance Performing Space (See me, feel me, hear me) by Female Obsession: What does a performance look like without an eye on media friendly, marketable secondary use, or without pathos and self-revelation? Is it possible to translateknowledge into movement and body?